The 10 Best Undistributed Films of 2021

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The 10 Best Undistributed Films of 2021
Even as the distribution landscape continues to shift and shape with startling regularity, some of the year’s best cinematic efforts are still looking for a home. But perhaps those changes will only help some of these smaller titles earn the placement they deserve, with so many of them readymade for an ambitious streamer or an up-and-coming boutique label. The question of theatrical viability is hardly the same one it was even two years ago, and opportunities for smart distributors to seek out unique material is bigger than ever.

This holiday season, won’t you consider giving a home to these wonderful films? This list includes a number of whiz-bang festival premieres, films from major rising stars, and wholly special stories that haven’t been told elsewhere. There’s even one film about a girl with ice for teeth! There is something for everyone, and all of it is very good indeed.
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