Logan Kenny’s Top 10 Films of 2021

Logan Kenny’s Top 10 Films of 2021
Following The Film Stage’s collective top 50 films of 2021, as part of our year-end coverage, our contributors are sharing their personal top 10 lists.

2021 was a year of major highs and lows for me, a year where past relationships and cherished loved ones disappeared from this mortal coil, and where new ones manifested and blossomed in their wake. In terms of cinematic releases, this was the year I saw the least new releases since 2013, itself the first year I properly got into seeing all the contemporary cinema I could. Life has been taking me in directions that are no longer encapsulated by my relationship to cinema; I’ve not always had the concentration or energy to lose myself in it completely. While this medium will always be one of the most fundamental aspects of my life, grief has taught me that my relationship to art cannot be the dominant way I
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