Did New Blood Redeem Dexter?

Did New Blood Redeem Dexter?
This article contains spoilers for Dexter: New Blood.

It was easy to be skeptical when Dexter: New Blood was first announced. The descent into ignominy of the original series is well documented by this point, with the Monty Python-evoking finale infamous even among those who never watched the show.

But a dud finale wasn’t Dexter’s only crime, nor the only reason a continuation was a dicey proposition. While the first four seasons remain respected for their dark humor, thorny moral questions, and devastating twists, the second half of the series did everything in its power to squander any goodwill. The finale cops a lot of flack, but it’s still not as bad as the entire run of Dexter’s bafflingly awful sixth season. That the ending would fail to impress after such lows was, really, a foregone conclusion.

As such nobody was exactly losing their minds over the prospect of a revival,
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