‘Gentle’ Review: A Hushed And Heartsore Diary Of A Hardbody

‘Gentle’ Review: A Hushed And Heartsore Diary Of A Hardbody
You might assume the title is ironic, given that Anna Eszter Nemes and László Csuja’s film is set in the strange, cloistered world of grit, muscle and sinew that is elite women’s bodybuilding. But “Gentle” proves as good as its word, though this quiet, sympathetic portrait of Hungarian competitor Edina (real-life bodybuilder Eszter Csonka) does display significant core strength as a patient critique of the pursuit of an impossible body, and how much it might cost the soul living inside.

Edina is waiting in the wings, being primed and last-minute coached by her partner and trainer Ádám. She has her few minutes in the spotlight, running through a series of practised poses in a pink sequinned bikini for a sparse audience in a small hall, and wins. This means she will go on to compete in the world championships, which seems to mean nearly as much to Ádám as it does to her.
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