Full Bloom: African Baobab in "Fad'jal" by Safi Faye

Full Bloom: African Baobab in
Memories Hidden Inside Tree Trunks““They carried me to a particular spot where I saw a herd of antelopes; but I laid aside all thoughts of sport, as soon as I perceived a tree of a prodigious thickness, which drew my whole attention.”—Michel AdansonAfter watching Safi Faye’s masterly Fad’jal in an air-conditioned cinema on a muggy summer day, I had a peculiar dream. In this dream, I went to see the film again but the cinema was neither air-conditioned nor was it a normal cinema space at all. Instead, this cinema was inside the huge African baobab which proudly protects the eponymous village and its inhabitants who gather under it to recount their history in the film. In my dream, I put my ear against the trunk and heard chuckling sounds. I was not sure if it belonged to bees, evil spirits, or a whirling projector. I
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