Would you rather?

Would you rather?
Okay so we had the roughest night of insomnia ever (which is saying a lot) followed by crashing which is why we're so slow today. While we prep more Cannes posting, a daydream about celebrities. Would you rather...?

• rock climb with Dominic Cooper?

• try a new mirror affirmation with Shailene Woodley?

• protest the Supreme Court's support of Forced Birth legislation with Cyndi Lauper and Laura Dern?

• join a pole dancing workout class with Brie Larson?

• go see Pamela Anderson in Chicago with Miley Cyrus?

• read Selma's Blair "Mean Baby" with Michelle Pfeiffer?

• learn how to shuck oysters with Lupita Nyong'o?

• try a pole dancing workout class with Brie Larson?

• smell the flowers with Anne Hathaway?

• do the splits with Chris Meloni (or just admire them)?

• drink wine with Glen Powell at Cannes?

• take a day off with Ana de Armas?

• eat hot dogs with "everything" with Florence Pugh?

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