Stephen Colbert Invades ‘Severance’ and Turns It Into ‘The Office’ (Video)

Stephen Colbert Invades ‘Severance’ and Turns It Into ‘The Office’ (Video)
The world depicted on Apple TV+’s hit series “Severance” is already pretty bleak, but as it turns out, it could be even bleaker — all you need is the biggest jerk version of Stephen Colbert dropped into the madness.

Colbert proved this on Thursday’s episode of “The Late Show” with a fun clip in which he becomes an employee of Lumen and we see what his workplace version is like.

Of course you know the premise, but for those who don’t, on “Severance,” the company Lumen has devised a procedure that allows people to literally separate their work and home lives completely. When they step into the company elevator at the start of the day, their home, or “Outie,” life is erased from memory and for the rest of the day they are a fundamentally different person, called an “Innie” and known only by their first name and last initial.
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