‘Atlanta’ Just Dropped Its Funniest Episode in Years

‘Atlanta’ Just Dropped Its Funniest Episode in Years
[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Atlanta” Season 4, Episode 4, “Light Skinned-ed.”]

In Season 4, “Atlanta” isn’t just moving back to its titular hometown; it’s staging a comedic comeback.

Before getting to the sublime silliness in Episode 4, just look at what we’ve seen so far: The premiere opens with Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) delivering an exquisite, well-deserved dig on Marshall’s, before spending the rest of the episode being stalked by a (racist) woman steering a slow-rolling scooter. Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) goes on a scavenger hunt run by a dead man. Tracy (Khris Davis) makes his triumphant return as a bossy receptionist (in what turns out to be a pretty impressive secret performance). Earn (Donald Glover) has to walk out of a meeting after a co-worker utters the gloriously oblivious phrase, “I just finished that book. It gave me a real paradigm shift on how things might not always be as they seem.” Even Van
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