Sci-Fi Stars Who Sadly Passed Away In 2022

Sci-Fi Stars Who Sadly Passed Away In 2022
2022 has been a tough year for science fiction fans, with a formidable array of talent having left us. From stalwart character actors who seemed like they'd always be with us to a voice talent who provided the definitive characterization of one of the most well-known fictional characters on the planet, the galaxies of speculative fiction are poorer for their absence.

Notably, it was the year in which we lost the Greek composer Vangelis, whose sprawling soundscapes in Blade Runner were as much a part of the film as the visual effects created by another sad inclusion on this list, and also, actor James Caan, whose brief foray into science fiction included memorable roles in "Alien Nation" and the dark satire "Rollerball."

This article will cover the science fiction stars who died in 2022. Their talents may be lost to us, but they'll forever retain their position amongst the stars — where they belong.
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