25 Years Ago, Titanic Made Me A Moviegoing Rebel

25 Years Ago, Titanic Made Me A Moviegoing Rebel
(To celebrate "Titanic" and its impending 25th-anniversary re-release, we've put together a week of explorations, inquires, and deep dives into James Cameron's box office-smashing disaster epic.)

The year was 1998. The MTV series "Total Request Live" determined what was cool, "Dawson's Creek" aired its first episode and inspired a whole generation of overly eloquent teens, and "Titanic" was the biggest movie of the year. It felt like "Titanic" was the biggest movie of all time, because, well, it was. After it premiered in 1997, it stayed at the top of the box office for a ridiculously long time. "Titanic" fever was a thing, with reminders of the movie wherever you turned. Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" was everywhere — the radio, the mall, and of course on TV — and getting away from Rose (Kate Winslet), Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), and that big sinking ship was pretty much impossible.

"Titanic" was
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