That’s Mayor Jimmy Smits To You, Thanks Very Much!

Jimmy Smits has been cast as the mayor of Los Angeles in Stephen Gaghan’s NBC drama pilot “S.I.L.A.” The actor, who also starred in NBC’s short-lived “Outlaw,” plays a mayor with aspirations to run for U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat — but who may be undone by a reputation for womanizing and ties to a criminal overlord. The show is similar in structure to “Traffic,” for which Gaghan won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay. It examines Los Angeles from the persective of an elite law enforcement unit. As in “Traffic,” the personal and political are closely interlinked. The cast of the series also includes Noah Emmerich, Danny Pino, Daniella Alonso, Matthew Levy, Madchen Amick, and Luis Chavez.
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