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Poll: Judge not, lest you also be judged.

Choose the judge whose courtroom (if he has one) you'd most like to be one of the courtroom spectators.

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    Judge Dredd (1995)

    Sylvester Stallone (as Judge Joseph Dredd) Judge Dredd: I am the law!
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    The Westerner (1940)

    Walter Brennan (as Judge Roy Bean) Judge Roy W. Bean: Mr. Harden, it's my duty to inform you that the larceny of an equine is a capital offense punishableby death, but you can rest assured that in this court a horse thief always gets a fair trial before he's hung.
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    The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)

    Paul Newman (as Judge Roy Bean) Judge Roy Bean: Roy Bean. Judge Roy Bean. I am the law in this area.
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    Absence of Malice (1981)

    Wilford Brimley (as Judge Wells) You ain't no Presidential appointee, Elliott. One that hired you is me. You got thirty days.
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    Judge Priest (1934)

    Will Rogers (as Judge William Pitman Priest) Judge William 'Billy' Priest: Your honor, as I recollect the procedure, at the time bein' I'm an ordinary member of the bar in good standing.
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    The Sun Shines Bright (1953)

    Charles Winninger (as Judge William Pitman Priest)
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    You're Only Young Once (1937)

    Lewis Stone (as Judge James K. Hardy) Good parenting skills from Judge Hardy come in handy when the children's romances become more serious
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    My Cousin Vinny (1992)

    Fred Gwynne (as Judge Chamberlain Haller) Judge Chamberlain Haller: Uh... did you say 'yutes'?

    Vinny Gambini: Yeah, two yutes.

    Judge Chamberlain Haller: What is a yute?

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    The Judge (1949)

    Milburn Stone (as Judge Martin Strang) Martin Strang--a lawyer famous for defending some high-profile murderers. One day he realizes that his wife is cheating on him and concocts a complicated plan. However, Strang is clever and is willing to take his time with this one.
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    Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)

    Spencer Tracy (as Chief Judge Dan Haywood ) Before the people of the world - let it now be noted in our decision here that this is what *we* stand for: *justice, truth... and the value of a single human being!*
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    Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

    Joseph N. Welch (as Judge Weaver) Judge Weaver: Just answer the questions, Mr. Paquette. The attorneys will provide the wisecracks.
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    Rooster Cogburn (1975)

    John McIntire (as Judge Parker) Rooster Cogburn: (to Judge Parker) -I ain't had a drink since breakfast, and the only time I wear this coat's in your courtroom. Was always good enough when you needed what was in it!
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    Adam's Rib (1949)

    Will Wright (as Judge Marcasson) Lawyers should never marry other lawyers. This is called in-breeding; from this comes idiot children... and other lawyers
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    Destry Rides Again (1939)

    Samuel S. Hinds (as Judge Slade) Jack Tyndall: That's what I thought. Well, I'll get somethin' done about it if I have to take the law in my own hands!

    Tom Destry Jr.: Nobody's gonna set themselves up above the law around here, ya understand?

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    Ride the High Country (1962)

    Edgar Buchanan (as Judge Tolliver) The only law up there is too drunk to hit the ground with his hat.
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    The Comancheros (1961)

    Edgar Buchanan (as Judge Thaddeus Jackson Breen) Circuit Court Judge Thaddeus Jackson Breen: Most say, except for them who are unfair minded, that I have the finest legal mind in the entire southwest. So you can have faith in your lawyer, son. How much money you got? Paul Regret: I don't have any. Circuit Court Judge Thaddeus Jackson Breen: Well, I'm beginning to doubt your chances against the law.
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    Texas (1941)

    Raymond Hatton (as Abilene Kansas Judge) Judge: Move over, you're between me and the spittoon.
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    Arkansas Judge (1941)

    Leon Weaver (as Judge Abner Weaver)
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    Eight Men Out (1988)

    John Anderson (as Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis) Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis: Regardless of the verdict of juries... no player who throws a ball game... no player who undertakes, or promises to throw a game... no player who sits in conference with a bunch of crooked players and gamblers where the ways and means of throwing a ball game are discussed, and does not promptly tell his club about it... will ever play professional baseball again.
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    What's Up, Doc? (1972)

    Liam Dunn (as Judge Maxwell) Howard: Well, the next day, today, Mr. Larrabee asked me to his house with my rocks and to bring Eunice. Or rather, Burnsy, the one he thinks is Eunice. Is that clear?

    Judge Maxwell: No, but it's consistent.

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    Trial and Error (1997)

    Austin Pendleton (as Judge Paul Z. Graff) Charles Tuttle: I don't pose, I don't preen, I don't put perjured testimony on the stand. I don't make a mockery of the American legal system.

    Richard Rietti: Well, you have your style, and I got mine.

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    A Time to Kill (1996)

    Patrick McGoohan (as Judge Omar Noose)

    Jake Tyler Brigance: No, we will not need a recess, Your Honor, but just a few moments.

    Judge Omar Noose: Mr. Brigance, when you and Lois Lane are ready...

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    Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

    Gene Lockhart (as Judge Henry X. Harper) Fred Gailey: Your Honor, every one of these letters is addressed to Santa Claus. The Post Office has delivered them. Therefore the Post Office Department, a branch of the Federal Governent, recognizes this man Kris Kringle to be the one and only Santa Claus. Judge Henry X. Harper: Uh, since the United States Government declares this man to be Santa Claus, this court will not dispute it. Case dismissed.
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    Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

    Robert Prosky (as Judge Henry Harper) Judge Henry Harper: Mr. Collins, would you like to cross examine

    etly chuckles]

    Judge Henry Harper: your wife?

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    Hang 'Em High (1968)

    Pat Hingle (as Judge Fenton) Jed Cooper: You're lynching those boys. Why?

    Judge Adam Fenton: Why? Because of you, Cooper. Because of that beautiful, that magnificent journey you took to bring three killers to justice. Because if the law didn't hang them, the next posse that goes out will say, "Hang 'em and hang 'em high, there's no justice in Fort Grant." And if there's no justice in Fort Grant, Cooper, there will be no statehood for this territory.

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    The Man from Colorado (1948)

    Glenn Ford (as Federal Judge Owen Devereaux) "Col.Owen Devereaux," gets elected to the position of "judge" right after his distinguished career in the Civil War. Unfortunately, he has mental problems and this position carries too much weight for an unstable sort such as him to be carrying.
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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

    Christopher Lloyd (as Judge Doom) -no courtroom. Judge Doom: A few weeks ago I had the good providence to stumble upon a plan of the city council. A construction plan of epic proportions. We're calling it a freeway.

    Eddie Valiant: Freeway? What the hell's a freeway?

    Judge Doom: Eight lanes of shimmering cement running from here to Pasadena. Smooth, safe, fast. Traffic jams will be a thing of the past.

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    Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)

    H. B. Warner (as Judge May)

    Judge May: Mr. Deeds, there has been a great deal of damaging testimony against you. Your behavior, to say the least, has been most strange. But in the opinion of the court, you are not only sane, but you're the sanest man that ever walked into this courtroom!

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    Inherit the Wind (1960)

    Harry Morgan (as Judge Mel Coffey) Judge: I hope counsel does not mean to imply that this court is bigoted.

    Henry Drummond: Well, your honor has the right to hope.

    Judge: I have the right to do more than that.

    Henry Drummond: You have the power to do more than that.

    [the Judge holds Drummond in contempt of court]

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    The Magnificent Yankee (1950)

    Louis Calhern (as Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes) erring to President Theodore Roosevelt]

    Oliver Wendell Holmes: He said, among other things, that he could carve a judge with more backbone out of a banana.

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    The Ox-Bow Incident (1942)

    Matt Flynn (as Judge Daniel Tyler) Judge Daniel Tyler: One more word out of you, Smith, and I'll have you up for impeding the course of justice.

    Jenny Grier: Judge, you can't impede what don't move anyway.

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