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Poll: Christmas' Babies

Which of these celebrities born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day would you most like to be with on Christmas?

Vote for the poll New Year's Babies by yrnejd.

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Note: Top 30 celebrities by Starmeter rating as of December, 2020 are listed here.

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    Jeremy Strong

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    Millie Brady

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    Perdita Weeks

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    Sissy Spacek

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    Rachel Keller

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    Georgia Tennant

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    Humphrey Bogart

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    Ava Gardner

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    Michael Raymond-James

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    Diedrich Bader

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    Sofia Black-D'Elia

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    Jillie Mack

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    Clarence Gilyard Jr.

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    Sharon Farrell

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    Gaite Jansen

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    CCH Pounder

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    Abigail Klein

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    Austin Stowell

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    Dick Miller

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    Wade Williams

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    Amaury Nolasco

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    Thure Lindhardt

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    Robert Schwartzman

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    Mark Valley

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    Stuart Wilson

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    Rod Serling

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    Timothy Carhart

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    Gavin O'Connor

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    Cristina Umaña

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    Gary Sandy

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