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Poll: Billboard All-Time Top Artists

The list below consists of the first 35 of Billboard's Top 100 Artists, which is based off of their performance on charts like Billboards Hot 100. This list was released in celebration of their fiftieth year from August 1958 through 2008. Which artist/band is your favorite?

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    The Beatles

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    Elton John

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    Elvis Presley

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    Stevie Wonder

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    Mariah Carey

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    Janet Jackson

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    Michael Jackson

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    Whitney Houston

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    The Rolling Stones

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    Paul McCartney

    and Wings.
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    The Bee Gees

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    The Supremes

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    Hall & Oates

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    Rod Stewart

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    Olivia Newton-John

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    Aretha Franklin

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    Marvin Gaye

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    Phil Collins

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    Billy Joel

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    Donna Summer

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    Diana Ross

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    Frankie Valli

    and The Four Seasons.
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    The Temptations

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    The Beach Boys

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    Lionel Richie

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    Neil Diamond

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    The Carpenters

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    Boyz II Men

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    Jackson 5

    or The Jacksons.
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    Connie Francis

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    Brenda Lee

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