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Poll: Twenty-five Years of Wanting to Believe

Twenty-five years ago in September 1993 The X-Files (1993) premiered on the still-new Fox network. The show, now considered one of the greatest sci-fi TV shows of all time, along with The Simpsons and Married with Children helped bring Fox into the public consciousness.

Episodes of The X Files tend to fall into one of two categories: standalone (AKA monster of the week) and canon (conspiracy related to aliens and the kidnapping of Mulder's sister).

To celebrate this series and its milestone, please pick your favorite from the list below of the greatest "one-off" episodes.

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* episodes listed were chosen by researching lists on the internet focusing on this subject

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    Squeeze (1993)

    and its follow-up Tooms (1994)

    Mulder and Scully search for a humanoid killer whose savage murder spree reoccurs every 30 years.

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    Ice (1993)

    Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate when a team of geophysicists stationed at a remote Alaskan outpost are killed by a parasitic alien life form.
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    Eve (1993)

    Mulder and Scully search for two missing girls who disappeared after their fathers were murdered in an identical fashion.
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    Beyond the Sea (1994)

    Scully believes that the pyschic predictions of a death row inmate are the only hope in the kidnapping of two college students.
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    Darkness Falls (1994)

    A group of loggers working in a remote forest unearths thousands of deadly insectlike creatures that paralyze and cocoon their victims. Scully, Mulder and a few others end up trapped there.
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    The Host (1994)

    Mulder pursues a humanoid, parasitic organism that uses sewage systems as its home.
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    Humbug (1995)

    The agents search for a killer in a Florida town inhabited by sideshow performers.
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    Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (1995)

    A grumpy old man with psychic powers that show him how someone will die assists the agents with the hunt for a crazed killer who targets psychics. He also cryptically reveals to Mulder and Scully their own ultimate fates.
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    War of the Coprophages (1996)

    While looking for signs of alien ships in the sky above a small town, Mulder learns of a series of deaths supposedly caused by metallic cockroaches. He turns to sexy entomologist Bambi for help, which makes Scully angrily rush to his aid.
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    Pusher (1996)

    and its follow-up Kitsunegari (1998)

    A seemingly unmotivated murderer, who can apparently talk his victims into killing themselves is on the loose and it is up to Mulder and Scully to study the clues left to them by the person and capture him.

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    Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space' (1996)

    Scully recounts the investigation of an alleged UFO encounter for the famous quirky author Jose Chung's latest novel. The case gives a whole new meaning to the term Rashomon effect.
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    Home (1996)

    The agents encounter a family of inbred, animal-like brothers living on a farm in a remote section of Pennsylvania.
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    Unruhe (1996)

    Photos of a hellish sight from the mind of a psychopath who abducts women makes Mulder think that the man has the ability of psychic photography.
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    Paper Hearts (1996)

    An incarcerated serial killer claims Mulder's sister was one of his many victims.
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    Leonard Betts (1997)

    A headless corpse of a paramedic walks out of the hospital morgue triggering a manhunt for a man with unimaginable regenerative powers, that come at a terrible cost. The case makes Scully realize in shock that she may not be well.
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    Never Again (1997)

    Mulder takes a vacation to visit Graceland while sending disaffected Scully to Philadelphia to look into Russians with ties to UFOs. She becomes attracted to a secretly unstable young divorcee whose tattoo is telling him to kill women.
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    Bad Blood (1998)

    Scully and Mulder each recount their version of events that led Mulder to drive a stake through the heart of a Texas teenager he claims was a vampire.
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    Mind's Eye (1998)

    The prime suspect in a murder case is a woman who has been blind since birth, leading Mulder and Scully to conclude she may possess the ability to see through a killer's eyes.
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    The Pine Bluff Variant (1998)

    Mulder goes undercover to infiltrate a militia group armed with a deadly pathogen and wanted for domestic terrorism. Scully becomes suspicious when Mulder lets a suspect escape but she learns that his assignment may be a suicide mission.
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    Drive (1998)

    A man tormented by a piercing sound that could make his head explode unless he heads west as fast as possible takes Mulder hostage to drive for him, while Scully rushes to find the cause of this affliction that also killed the man's wife.
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    Triangle (1998)

    Mulder boards the wreck of a legendary missing WWII ship that suddenly appeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The ship turns out to be a time portal. Now Scully must use all of her wits to try and get the unwilling FBI to help her save him.
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    Monday (1999)

    A woman desperately attempts to change the outcome of the events of a day she is forced to relive again and again in which her boyfriend explodes a bomb during a failed bank robbery killing everyone inside, including Mulder and Scully.
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    Arcadia (1999)

    On their first assignment after being reinstated to the X-Files, Scully and Mulder go undercover as husband and wife in a high-class planned community where several couples have gone missing.
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    The Goldberg Variation (1999)

    A man is tossed off the top of a 29 story building by gangsters. Amazingly, he gets up and walks away unscathed. Mulder and Scully investigate when Mulder suspects this man may have paranormal abilities. The man in question may just be the luckiest man on Earth.
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    X-Cops (2000)

    The investigation of a neighborhood monster isn't too weird for the crew of Cops (1989) to follow around Mulder and Scully.
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    Badlaa (2001)

    A small Indian man on a creaky cart with powers of illusion is believed to have the ability to take over people's bodies and kill them by leaping into their anal cavity. Doggett and Scully try to stop his gruesome killing spree.
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    Audrey Pauley (2002)

    Reyes is seriously injured in a car accident and finds herself in a hospital similar to purgatory with other hospital patients suffering from serious traumas. Slowly they all begin to disappear. Meanwhile, in the real world, Doggett refuses to accept his friend's 'mortal' wounds and uses a bizarre hospital employee to both connect with Reyes in the other-world and capture a 'Dr. Death.
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    Improbable (2002)

    Reyes, Doggett, and Scully are pulled into a bizarre serial murder case involving the number '3', numerology on a whole, and an eccentric man who likes to play checkers.
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    Scary Monsters (2002)

    Reyes and Doggett, with the aid of a young Mulder-worshiping FBI agent, investigate a father who is exhibiting bizarre behavior regarding his son who he has kept hidden from the outside world.
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    Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster (2016)

    Mulder questions his faith in the unexplained. He attempts to gather proof of the existence of the new creature he and Scully investigate before jumping to conclusions.
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    Familiar (2018)

    Mulder and Scully suspect that darker forces are at play as they investigate a brutal animal attack on a little boy in Connecticut.
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    Hollywood A.D. (2000)

    A screenwriter tags along with Mulder and Scully as they investigate a church bombing. The case becomes the plot of a Hollywood movie, but the agents find their case, and themselves, distorted on the big screen.

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