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Poll: The Most Fabulous Fictional Materials and Chemicals

In some movies, incredible materials or chemicals are shown or just named. At the time of the movie's release they didn't seem realistic, but we love the mystic promise, advantage or even the thrilling threat of them.

Which idea of fictive materials or chemicals is the most fascinating? (The name of the materials or chemicals are marked in bold)

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    James Doohan, DeForest Kelley, and Alex Henteloff in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

    Scotty helps Dr. Nichols "invent" transparent aluminium, which, in real life, became possible 23 years later in 2009.
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    Hugh Jackman in X-Men (2000)

    Wolverine's skeleton, wich was modified with adamantium, a fictional metal which needs an tremendously high amount of energy to melt and form it. It's very rare and cuts steel or likewise hard materials like butter.
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    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

    The vest made of mithril Frodo wore. A material tougher than hardened steel and easier than the finest silk.
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    Sean Connery and Frances Sternhagen in Outland (1981)

    Dr. Lazarus discovers that the mine workers shoot up polydichloric euthimal for working harder and harder followed by a psychotic burnout which makes them kill themselves.
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    The Monolith Monsters (1957)

    Monolithic stones from space that grow by touching water like e.g. rain, rivers, lakes and will bury whole landscapes with their parasitic growth.
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    Lionel Jeffries and Edward Judd in First Men in the Moon (1964)

    Carvorite that will let anything it is applied to or made of nullify the force of gravity.
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    Stephen Lang in Avatar (2009)

    In a distant future, the extinction of earth's population has to be stopped. Humankind might survive a little longer by exterminating a distant native tribe in space for digging unobtanium, which was also formerly used in the movie The Core (2003), in which a scientist is recruited to build a ship that is resistant enough to the preasure of earth's stratums by also using unobtainium.
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    Elisabeth Shue, Josh Brolin, Kim Dickens, and Greg Grunberg in Hollow Man (2000)

    The invisibility fluid, which makes a body transparent in a few minutes, causing a lot of physical ache and psychological damage.
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    Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 2 (2010)

    Vibranium, the new element Tony Stark created to use instead of the toxic palladium in his ARC-reactor inside his chest, which insidiously poisoned him.
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    Donovan Leitch Jr. in The Blob (1988)

    Deadly digestive self-growing slime which eats a whole town in a huge expanding slime wave.
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    Pierce Brosnan and Tony Plana in Live Wire (1992)

    We know that bad clowns can be real ugly. But what if they explode after drinking a liquid explosive which is activated within the human body by digestive juices?
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    Paul Rudd in Ant-Man (2015)

    The Pym-particles, invented by Hank Pym. They allow objects and people to shrink or grow.
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    Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

    A guy wears a piece of tremendously high power potential explosives in a jewelry ring which detonates with an outstanding energy potential when thrown into a glass of water.
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    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

    Dilithium crystals. They provide a huge amount of energy. It's so immense that it can provide the power of a very big spaceship like the Enterprise and even help to speed it up to Warp speed.
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    Jesse Eisenberg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    Kryptonite, which causes Superman's weakness.
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    Limitless (2011)

    The intelligence pill which speeds up the brain function beyond any measure to make the addictive some kind of supernature being.
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    The Absent Minded Professor (1961)

    A college professor invents an anti-gravity substance which a corrupt businessman wants for himself. The so called flubber. It was also used in movies like Son of Flubber (1963) and the Robin Williams movie Flubber (1997). In a not so fantastic way like in the movie, there is a real-life material called flubber (English Wikipedia).
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    The crew gets a beryllium sphere

    Beryillium, another fake, but supposedly useful matter in some kind. Beryillium is a pun according to a real alkaline earth metal called Beryllium, which is also used to build acoustic membranes of high quality stereo speakers.
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    Total Recall (1990)

    Turbinium, a matter which is used by alien technology, but in this movie it also provides humankind with incredible high amounts of energy. Unluckily it also provides humankind with unbearable body mutations by a still unknown kind of radiation.
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    Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman (1975)

    Amazonium, the very indestructible metal which Wonder Woman's tiara, bracelets and magic lasso are made of.
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    Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989)

    Do you remember when the Joker gave Gotham's citizens the "opportunity" to die with a smile on their face? He has put smilex, a poison he figured out, into mostly all products that were sold in Gotham.
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    Jeffrey Combs in Re-Animator (1985)

    The bright green serum of Dr. West, wich revives bodyparts.
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    Lucy (2014)

    The hyper-intelligence drug which Lucy was exposed by the mafia. So she became a goddess like mother nature.
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    Max von Sydow in Dune (1984)

    The Spice of Dune (1984).

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