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Poll: 1954-1963: The Foreign Directors' Decade

Before New Hollywood would contribute to raise the artistic profile of American cinema over the world, the flag of cinematic excellence was certainly raised by four foreigners... who weren't newcomers in the late 50s, but whose artistic peak was certainly reached during the glorious decade that goes from 1954 to 1963, (they would still make masterpieces after but that's another story).

Considering a series of parameters such as quality over quantity and critical acclaim rather than commercial (without diminishing the latter), which of these four directors owned the 1954-1963 period?

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    Ingmar Bergman

    A Lesson in love, DREAMS, Smiles of a Summer Night, LAST PAIR OUT, The Seventh Seal, WILD STRAWBERRIES, Brink of Life, THE MAGICIAN, The Virgin Spring The DEVIL'S EYE, Through a Glass Darkly, THE PLEASURE GARDEN, Winter Light and THE SILENCE.
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    Alfred Hitchcock

    Dial M for Murder, REAR WINDOW, To Catch a Thief, THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY, The Man Who Knew Too Much, THE WRONG MAN, Vertigo, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, Psycho and THE BIRDS.
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    Akira Kurosawa

    Seven Samurai, I LIVE IN FEAR, Throne of Blood, THE LOWER DEPTHS, The Hidden Fortress, YOJIMBO, Sanjuro and HIGH AND LOW.
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    Federico Fellini

    La Strada, IL BIDONE, Nights of Cabiria, LA DOLCE VITA and .

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