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Poll: Decade Defining Actors — The 1990s

Which of these decade defining actors of the 1990s do you believe to be the most influential?

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    Kevin Spacey

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    Samuel L. Jackson

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    Brad Pitt at an event for Meet Joe Black (1998)

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    Tom Hanks at an event for The Story of Us (1999)

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    Denzel Washington

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    Robin Williams in Charlie Rose (1991)

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    Kevin Costner at an event for The 63rd Annual Academy Awards (1991)

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    Jim Carrey

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    Nicolas Cage

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    Will Smith

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    Morgan Freeman

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    Adam Sandler, Cole Sprouse, and Dylan Sprouse at an event for Big Daddy (1999)

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    Hugh Grant

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    Johnny Depp

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    Edward Norton

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    Keanu Reeves

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    Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins at an event for The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

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    Joe Pesci

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    Steve Buscemi

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    William H. Macy

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    Gary Oldman at an event for Dracula (1992)

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    Harvey Keitel

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    Jeff Goldblum

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    Kevin Bacon at an event for Twister (1996)

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