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Poll: Best Portrayal of Dr. Watson

Who did the best job of portraying Dr. Watson on screen? Limited to the popular portrayals.

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    Martin Freeman

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    Jude Law

    Sherlock Holmes & Sherlock Holmes:A Game of Shadows
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    John C. Reilly

    Holmes and Watson
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    Lucy Liu

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    David Burke

    The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
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    Edward Hardwicke

    The return of Sherlock Holmes
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    Nigel Bruce

    Sherlock Holmes faces Death and many others.
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    Colin Starkey

    Mr. Holmes
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    Patrick Macnee

    Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady
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    Ben Kingsley

    Without a clue
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    Howard Marion-Crawford

    Sherlock Holmes
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    André Morell

    The Hound of the Baskervilles
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    Robert Duvall

    The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
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    Joanne Woodward

    They Might Be Giants
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    James Mason

    Murder by Decree
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    Colin Blakely

    The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
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    Vitali Solomin

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

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