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Poll: Face-Off: R.I.P. Ed Asner—Ironman of the Airwaves

While those of today's generation may not recognize the name Ed Asner, you'll most certainly recognize the man. From his now gravely voice-over work, to his comedic and dramatic talents that spanned 8 decades, Ed will forever be remembered. To most of us he "is" and always will be Lou Grant. Comedic or the dramatic version. He is the only man that played the same character on television on two shows that went from a comedy show character to a dramatic one. He won Emmy's on both shows. We will never really miss Ed. He will live on forever in our minds and in reruns. Ed was in over 400 titles listed on IMDb, so it would be impossible to ask of you what was your favorite role or favorite title from TV or the The Movies.

So we ask this simple question. What was it you liked best about Ed? His Comedy, Drama, Voice-Over or all of his works?

After voting, please discuss here.

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    Ed Asner at an event for Up (2009)

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    Ed Asner in The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970)

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    Ed Asner in Lou Grant (1977)

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    All of the Above (2014)


    Ed was great at everything!

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