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Poll: Which Actor's Appearance in a Film Surprised You the Most?

Which actor's appearance in a film did you find the most shocking? Who surprised you the most by appearing in "that kind" of movie? For example, choices could be a comedic actor doing a dramatic role or a Shakespearean actor in a slasher film or a dramatic actor singing in a musical.

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    Dan Aykroyd

    in "Driving Miss Daisy" (suggested by Jalapenoman)
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    Marlon Brando

    in "Superman" (suggested by Ninasola)
  3. Vote!

    Lloyd Bridges

    (and Leslie Nielsen) in "Airplane" (suggested by Dr, Glitterhouse)
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    Steve Buscemi

    in "Grown Ups" (suggested by Pencho15)
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    Michael Caine

    in "Jaws; The Revenge" (suggested by Drevnibor)
  6. Vote!

    Steve Carell

    in "Foxcatcher" (suggested by teriekwilliams-46153)
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    Sacha Baron Cohen

    in "Hugo" (suggested by BoltBait)
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    Tom Cruise

    in "Tropic Thunder" (suggested by The-Social-Introvert)
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    Robert De Niro

    in "Meet the Fockers" (suggested by Dweezer)
  10. Vote!

    Robert De Niro

    in "Stardust" (suggested by Kobe-q)
  11. Vote!

    Robert De Niro

    in "Killing Season" (suggested by Drevnibor)
  12. Vote!

    Michael Douglas

    in "Ant-Man" (suggested by Simba63)
  13. Vote!

    John Goodman

    in "Barton Fink" (suggested by JeanZabel)
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    Ryan Gosling

    in "Lars and the Real Girl" (suggested by loreksDaemon)
  15. Vote!

    Gene Hackman

    in "The Mexican" (suggested by teriekwilliams-46153)
  16. Vote!

    Tom Hanks

    in "The Great Buck Howard" (suggested by Kobe_q)
  17. Vote!

    Dustin Hoffman

    in "Meet the Fockers" (suggested by Rubyfruit76)
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    Aamir Khan

    in "Dhoom 3" (suggested by Dibyayan_Chakravorty)
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    Bela Lugosi

    in "Plan 9 from Outer Space" (suggested by Dan Dassow)
  20. Vote!

    Frances McDormand

    in "Transformers" (suggested by hugobolso-1)
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    Al Pacino

    in "Jack & Jill" (suggested by Mega-Wizard)
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    Joe Pesci

    in "A Bronx Tale" (suggested by Albstein)
  23. Vote!

    Robert Redford

    in "Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier" (suggested by Jalapenoman)
  24. Vote!

    John Rhys-Davies

    in "La Leyende del Tesoro" (suggested by Pencho15)
  25. Vote!

    Jason Robards

    in "Dream a Little Dream" (suggested by Dr. Glitterhouse)
  26. Vote!

    David Schwimmer

    in "Band of Brothers" (suggested by KhaledKalache)
  27. Vote!

    Jason Statham

    in "London" (suggested by hugobolso-1)
  28. Vote!

    Meryl Streep

    in "She-Devil" (suggested by Ruby Fruit)
  29. Vote!

    Meryl Streep

    in "Postcards from the Edge" (suggested by Jalapenoman)
  30. Vote!

    Vince Vaughn

    in "Psycho" (suggested by Khaled Kalache)
  31. Vote!

    John Wayne

    in "I Married A Woman" (suggested by Horn-5)

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