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Poll: Decade Defining Actresses - The 1930s

Which of these decade defining actresses of the 1930s do you believe to be the most influential?

(Thank you to pere-25366, who inspired this poll with his series on decade defining actors!)

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    Mae West

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    Irene Dunne

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    Jean Arthur

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    Marlene Dietrich

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    Miriam Hopkins

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    Elsa Lanchester

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    Claudette Colbert

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    Joan Crawford

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    Myrna Loy

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    Joan Blondell

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    Katharine Hepburn

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    Bette Davis

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    Carole Lombard

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    Simone Simon

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    Gloria Stuart

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    Ginger Rogers

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    Jean Harlow

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    Vivien Leigh

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    Judy Garland

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    Shirley Temple

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