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Poll: Putting together your own Magnificent Seven

You have been tasked with saving your small Mexican village from an evil gang and must recruit seven of the greatest film Cowboys to protect and save your people. From this group of western stars (from the silent film era to the present), where do you start? Which is the most "Magnificent" of your seven?

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Note: Members of the cast of The Magnificent Seven (Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughnn, Steve McQueen, etc.) are excluded from this list... as they have already busy saving a different village.

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    John Wayne

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    Clint Eastwood

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    Clayton Moore

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    Roy Rogers

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    Glenn Ford

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    Tom Mix

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    Randolph Scott

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    Gene Autry

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    Lash La Rue

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    Johnny Mack Brown

  11. Vote!

    Allan Lane

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    Gary Cooper

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    Audie Murphy

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    Dean Martin

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    Rock Hudson

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    James Arness

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    Chuck Connors

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    Richard Boone

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    Sam Elliott

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    Clint Walker

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    James Garner

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    James Stewart

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    Lee Marvin

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    Ben Johnson

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    Henry Fonda

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    Lee Van Cleef

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    Robert Duvall

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    Ward Bond

  29. Vote!

    Terence Hill

    (along with Bud Spencer, of course!)
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    Jay Silverheels

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    Fess Parker

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    Jack Elam

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    Walter Brennan

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    Slim Pickens

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    Andy Devine

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