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Poll: And the Most Overrated Director of All Time is...

The movie world has many film directors who receive countless praises from peer, critics and fans. Many are considered untouchable and are the subject of various commendations from those who critique the profession, whilst others have fiercely defensive fans who are quick to defend their favorite directors.

Though no one is denying the following movie-makers are talented, they are considered by some to be given far more praise than they deserve.

Which of the following directors (nominated by IMDB’s poll board members) do you find to be the most overrated?

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  1. Vote!

    Quentin Tarantino

    Chosen by The-Social-Introvert
  2. Vote!

    Christopher Nolan

    Chosen by jalapenoman
  3. Vote!

    Kevin Smith

    Chosen by DoctorBuster
  4. Vote!

    Francis Ford Coppola

    Chosen by TsarStepan
  5. Vote!

    Ridley Scott

    Chosen by SmashingOrangeyBits
  6. Vote!

    Lee Unkrich

    Chosen by Mega_wizard
  7. Vote!

    Wes Anderson

    Chosen by borimor
  8. Vote!

    Stanley Kubrick

    Chosen by BoltBait
  9. Vote!

    Steven Spielberg

    Chosen by bratface23
  10. Vote!

    Martin Scorsese

    Chosen by masandaglinus123
  11. Vote!

    Steven Soderbergh

    Chosen by albstein
  12. Vote!

    George Lucas

    Chosen by Dibyayan_Chakravorty
  13. Vote!

    Oliver Stone

    Chosen by hugobolso-1
  14. Vote!

    Peter Jackson

    Chosen by ...ahem...Alan Smithee
  15. Vote!

    Michael Bay

    Chosen by peaspot
  16. Vote!

    Zack Snyder

    Chosen by chockfullofrock
  17. Vote!

    Neill Blomkamp

    Chosen by cartman_1337
  18. Vote!

    Ang Lee

    Chosen by TheMovieSmith
  19. Vote!

    J.J. Abrams

    Chosen by kobe_q
  20. Vote!

    Robert Altman

    Chosen by RipCity
  21. Vote!

    Joss Whedon

    Chosen by AmyPascal
  22. Vote!

    Edward D. Wood Jr.

    Chosen by AmyPascal
  23. Vote!

    James Cameron

    Chosen by ChristopherJohnson09
  24. Vote!

    Paul Thomas Anderson

    Chosen by jamesh5
  25. Vote!

    Alejandro G. Iñárritu

    Chosen by magiread
  26. Vote!

    Terrence Malick

    Chosen by Welsh_Pirate
  27. Vote!

    José Padilha

    Chosen by Nicolau_Machiavelli
  28. Vote!

    Alfred Hitchcock

    Chosen by tonyz119

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