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Poll: "Messianic" Oscar Nominees

No, this poll is not about Oscar nominated performances as Jesus (I don't recall any anyway) but Oscar-nominees (and some winners) whose initials happen to be JC, the most represented among all Oscar nominees, with 15 performers.

So, which of these 15 actors and actresses with J.C. initials is your favorite?

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    James Cagney

    Angels With Dirty Faces, Yankee Doodle Dandy and Love Me or Leave Me
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    Julie Christie

    Darling, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Afterglow and Away From Her
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    James Coburn

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    Joan Crawford

    Mildred Pierce, Possessed and Sudden Fear
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    John Cassavetes

    The Dirty Dozen
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    Jennifer Connelly

    A Beautiful Mind
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    James Caan

    The Godfather
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    Jessica Chastain

    The Help and Zero Dark Trinity
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    James Cromwell

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    Jill Clayburgh

    An Unmarried Woman and Starting Over
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    Jeff Chandler

    Broken Arrow
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    Joan Cusack

    Working Girl and In & Out
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    James Coco

    Only When I Laugh
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    Jeanne Crain

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    Jackie Cooper


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