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Poll: America's National Director

According to Wikipedia, a national poet "is a poet held by tradition and popular acclaim to represent the identity, beliefs and principles of a particular national culture [and writes] poetry that closely identifies with the nation's cause – or is thought to do so."

Which director most deserves to be called the cinematic equivalent of a national poet for the United States?

(Don't necessarily vote for your favorite director or the one you think is the most talented)

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    D.W. Griffith

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    Michael Curtiz

  3. Vote!

    John Ford

  4. Vote!

    William A. Wellman

  5. Vote!

    Howard Hawks

  6. Vote!

    Frank Capra

  7. Vote!

    John Huston

  8. Vote!

    Orson Welles

  9. Vote!

    Clint Eastwood

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    Francis Ford Coppola

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    Martin Scorsese

  12. Vote!

    Oliver Stone

  13. Vote!

    Steven Spielberg

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    Woody Allen

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    Paul Thomas Anderson

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    Wes Anderson

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    Tim Burton

  18. Vote!

    Charles Chaplin

  19. Vote!

    Joel Coen

    and Ethan Coen
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    Jim Jarmusch

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    Stanley Kubrick

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    Christopher Nolan

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    Alexander Payne

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    John Sayles

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    Quentin Tarantino

  26. Vote!

    Billy Wilder

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