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Poll: James Bond's Greatest 'Hits'

During every James Bond film, the super spy has to deal with a hired assassin, sidekick or #2 to get to the main adversary. These people are often cruel and may have killed an associate of Bond. The spy will have a duel with them, enabling him to get to the bad guy. Although not always ending well, this is a key stage in the plot development and as a driver for Bond.

**Note/spoiler alert** There's a reminder of the outcome for each villain when you follow the link on their image. Please don't read them if you haven't seen the film.

In the list below, I've picked one villain from each Bond film. Whom of these does the spy manage to deal with in the most satisfactory way, or do you prefer the ones that get away?

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    Anthony Dawson in Dr. No (1962)

    Professor Dent

    After Dent wastes six bullets trying to assassinate Bond on a false body in a bed, Bond interrogates Dent and then shoots him twice.

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    Robert Shaw in From Russia with Love (1963)

    Donald ‘Red’ Grant

    After a brutal fight on a train, Bond strangles him with his own garotte.

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    After a fight in Fort Knox beside a ticking atomic bomb, Bond electrocutes him.

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    Philip Locke in Thunderball (1965)


    Bond pins him to a palm tree, when he shoots him with a speargun.

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    Ronald Rich in You Only Live Twice (1967)


    After a fight to cross a bridge, Bond drops him into a piranha tank.

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    Ilse Steppat in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

    Irma Bunt

    She survives and in a drive-by shooting kills Tracy, James Bond’s new wife.

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    Bruce Glover in Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

    Mr Wint

    With his partner, Mr Kidd, they pretend to be waiters on a ship, in an attempt to assassinate Bond with a bomb. He kills them both, flipping Mr Wint overboard with the bomb between his legs.

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    Julius Harris in Live and Let Die (1973)

    Tee Hee

    After a fight on a speeding train, Bond disables his steel grip-hook arm and throws him off.

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    Hervé Villechaize in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

    Nick Nack

    He hides on a junk and makes a final attempt to kill Bond. However, he is overpowered, stuffed in a case and Bonds leaves it hung from a yardarm.

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    Richard Kiel in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


    During their final encounter, Bond drops him into a shark pool. However, Jaws survives by biting the shark and managing to escape from the sinking Atlantis.

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    Toshirô Suga in Moonraker (1979)


    In Venice, after a kendo fight in a glass museum which leads up to a clock tower, Bond throws Chang through the clock and he lands head-first through a piano in the square below.

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    Michael Gothard in For Your Eyes Only (1981)


    Attempting to run down Bond, he crashes and leaves his car hanging over a cliff; Bond kicks the car over the edge.

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    Kabir Bedi in Octopussy (1983)


    During the final getaway, Bond climbs onto the plane. While airborne, Gobinda leaves the plane to confront Bond. The spy flicks an antenna into Gobinda’s face and he slides off to his death.

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    Grace Jones in A View to a Kill (1985)

    May Day

    May Day is left abandoned in a mine full of explosives set to open the San Andreas fault by Zorin. She helps Bond move a huge trigger bomb away from the mine, but it explodes outside, killing her.

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    Andreas Wisniewski in The Living Daylights (1987)


    Aboard a cargo plane full of opium, Necros and Bond fight. They end up hanging from the back, holding onto the huge net bag carrying the drugs. Necros ends up falling to his death.

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    Benicio Del Toro in Licence to Kill (1989)


    In a drug laboratory, Bond pulls Dario into a huge brick-cocaine shredder.

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    Famke Janssen in GoldenEye (1995)

    Xenia Onatopp

    Onatopp rappels from a helicopter and uses her famous crushing move on Bond. He shots at the helicopter, causing it to crash and pull on her ropes. Onatopp is killed as the force crushes her against a tree.

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    Götz Otto in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)


    In a fight aboard a stealth ship to stop a missile being launched at Beijing, Bond traps Stamper’s foot in the firing mechanism with detonators. The missile explodes killing Stamper and destroying the ship.

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    Robert Carlyle in The World Is Not Enough (1999)


    Bond and Renard fight inside the nuclear reactor of a sunken submarine. Bond manages to impale Renard on a nuclear rod fired from the reactor mechanism.

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    Rick Yune in Die Another Day (2002)


    Bond and Zao have a huge car chase ending in the melting Ice Palace where Zao crashes into a pool. Zao returns to surface, only for Bond to dislodge an enormous chandelier with one bullet, crushing Zao underneath.

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    Jesper Christensen in Casino Royale (2006)

    Mr. White

    Mr. White (who works for an unknown organisation) steals the winnings from the famous high-stakes poker game in which Bond beat Le Chiffre. In doing this, Vesper, the woman Bond has fallen in love with and trusts to return the money to MI6 is killed. Bond initially thinks Vesper was a traitor, but discovers she probably traded the money for his life. Bond tracks down Mr White and shoots him in the leg before getting ready to interview him.

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    Mathieu Amalric in Quantum of Solace (2008)

    Mr. Greene

    Bond captures Greene at a hotel in the desert and interrogates him about an organisation named, Quantum. Bond leaves him stranded in the desert with only a can of engine oil.

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    Javier Bardem in Skyfall (2012)

    Raoul Silva

    After Silva survives the destruction of Bond’s house, he follows M to the chapel. Bond arrives and kills Silva by throwing a knife into his back.

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    Dave Bautista in Spectre (2015)

    Mr. Hinx

    In L'Américain, a hotel in Tangier, Bond finds evidence of a secret base in a crater in the Sahara. While travelling there by train, Bond and Hinx have a huge fight; Hinx is eventually ejected from the train into the desert.

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