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Poll: Best "Best Actor" 1980-1989

Which one of these Best Actor winners from the years 1980-1989 is your favorite? Discuss Here

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    Robert De Niro

    Won in 1980 for Raging Bull
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    Henry Fonda

    Won in 1981 for On Golden Pond
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    Ben Kingsley

    Won in 1982 for Gandhi
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    Robert Duvall

    Won in 1983 for Tender Mercies
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    F. Murray Abraham

    Won in 1984 for Amadeus
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    William Hurt

    Won in 1985 for The Kiss of the Spider Woman
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    Paul Newman

    Won in 1986 for The Color of Money
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    Michael Douglas

    Won in 1987 for Wall Street
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    Dustin Hoffman

    Won in 1988 for Rain Man
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    Daniel Day-Lewis

    Won in 1989 for My Left Foot

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