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Poll: Most talented married couple now working in movies or tv?

*must be married or have been together for more than 10 years

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    Daniel Day-Lewis

    and Rebecca Miller
  2. Vote!

    Justin Timberlake

    and Jessica Biel
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    Kurt Russell

    and Goldie Hawn
  4. Vote!

    Halle Berry

    and Olivier Martinez
  5. Vote!

    Evan Rachel Wood

    and Jamie Bell
  6. Vote!

    Kate Beckinsale

    and Len Wiseman
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    Paul Thomas Anderson

    and Maya Rudolph
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    John Travolta

    and Kelly Preston
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    Kristen Bell

    and Dax Shepard
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    Tim Burton

    and Helena Bonham Carter
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    Ellen DeGeneres

    and Portia de Rossi
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    Emily Blunt

    and John Krasinski
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    Judd Apatow

    and Leslie Mann
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    Ben Affleck

    and Jennifer Garner
  15. Vote!

    Channing Tatum

    and Jenna Dewan
  16. Vote!

    Harrison Ford

    and Calista Flockhart
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    Daniel Craig

    and Rachel Weisz
  18. Vote!

    Will Smith

    and Jada Pinkett Smith
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    Michael Emerson

    and Carrie Preston
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    William H. Macy

    and Felicity Huffman
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    David Mamet

    and Rebecca Pidgeon
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    David Cross

    and Amber Tamblyn
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    Megan Mullally

    and Nick Offerman
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    Sacha Baron Cohen

    and Isla Fisher
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    Kate Bosworth

    and Michael Polish
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    Sarah Jessica Parker

    and Matthew Broderick
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    Milla Jovovich

    and Paul W. S. Anderson
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    Frances McDormand

    and Joel Coen
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    Javier Bardem

    and Penelope Cruz
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    Danny DeVito

    and Rhea Perlman
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    Helen Mirren

    and Taylor Hackford
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    Michael Douglas

    and Catherine Zeta Jones
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    Aaron Taylor-Johnson

    and Sam Taylor-Wood
  34. Vote!

    Ben Stiller

    and Christine Taylor
  35. Vote!

    Julianne Moore

    and Bart Freundlich

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