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Poll: Favorite actor who has played more than one superhero?

All of these actors has played more than one superhero. Of those, which is the most super?

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    Ben Affleck

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    Chris Evans

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    Halle Berry

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    Samuel L. Jackson

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    Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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    Elliot Page

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    Ryan Reynolds

    Green Lantern and Deadpool
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    Doug Jones

    Abe Sapien and Silver Surfer
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    Nicolas Cage

    Ghost Rider and Big Daddy
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    Ray Stevenson

    Punisher and Volstagg
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    Michael Jai White

    Spawn, Bronze Tiger, and Gambol
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    Nathan Fillion

    Captain Hammer and Green Lantern
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    Dolph Lundgren

    The Punisher and He-Man

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