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Poll: This director deserves a theme park!

Regarding all these filmmakers' bodies of work, which one most deserves a theme park built around his movies or more generally, his cinematic universe?

Some descriptions of the possible attractions to be featured in these parks are available, thanks to everyone for these much clever suggestions!

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    Tim Burton

    How about a grown-up version of Disneyland?
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    James Cameron

    You just have to imagine "Terminator", "Titanic", "Aliens" and "Avatar" in the same park.
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    Steven Spielberg

    ... or sharks, dinosaurs, "Indiana Jones", "Hook", "ET", "Close Encounters" - maybe even a "Duel"
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    Alfred Hitchcock

    The "Strangers on a Train" merry-go-round alone would be a scream. But maybe Hitchcockland would have a major body odor problem, no one would want to take a shower at their motel before going in!
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    Peter Jackson

    Hobbits, Elves, Giants, Wizards, Oversize Gorillas, enough said!
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    Quentin Tarantino

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    Hayao Miyazaki

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    Stanley Kubrick

    Now, that's a good one, have a good read:

    "Dr. Strangelove" World : you could ride an atomic bomb, play around on the DRM 114 in various models of the plane, take part of a war room brawl and try your skills at throwing pies on the commies (based on a deleted scene of the movie).

    In "2001: A Space Odyssey" World, you could test your bravery by touching a monolith. Take a ride taking you through the history of the world/solar system, from the dawn of man, through space stations, ultimately leading to the birth of the star baby. You could try a zero gravity toilet, play chess with HAL, take a virtual ride in a space bug and try to argue with HAL to let you back onto the spaceship.

    It would perhaps be a bit daring to make rides/attractions based on movies like "Paths of Glory", "Lolita" and "A Clockwork Orange". However, the maze from "The Shining" could be a good way to waste some time. You could visit room 114, if you dared. The souvenir store could have copies of Jack Torrance's brilliant new bestseller, "All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy". One of the theme park's restaurant could be made to look like the milk bar from "A Clockwork Orange".

    You could join a short shooting course with Gunnery Sergeant Hartman ("Full Metal Jacket"). You could even make an "A.I. - Artificial Intelligence" based world, since he wrote the concept for it.

    And for the adults, who are so inclined, perhaps an orgy at the club from "Eyes Wide" Shut to round off the day..

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    Martin Scorsese

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    Ridley Scott

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    Federico Fellini

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    Darren Aronofsky

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    Jean-Pierre Jeunet

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    John Ford

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    Pedro Almodóvar

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    Richard Donner

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    George Lucas

    Obviously, a Sci-fi oriented park ...
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    David Lynch

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    Akira Kurosawa

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    Zack Snyder

    ... for "300", "Watchmen", "Sucker Punch" and "Man of Steel"
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    John Landis

    Toga Party Land Naked Sorority House Land (complete with pillow fights and panty raids) Drunken Frat Boys Land Spoiled City Parade Land (riots scheduled every two hours) Food Fight in the Cafeteria Land ... and don't get us started on "The Blues Brothers" or "An American Werewolf"
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    Christopher Nolan

    The "Batman" Trilogy, "The Prestige" and "Inception" would make great theme park rides
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    Gore Verbinski

    "Pirates of the Caribbean" was already a famous theme park ride, also "The Ring", "Rango", and "The Lone Ranger" (although not the hit that people might've expected, it would still make a fun ride)
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    Terry Gilliam

    If only for his Imagination-trilogy ("Brazil" - "Munchausen" - "Time Bandits") ...
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    M. Night Shyamalan

    Night Shyamalan... "Sixth Sense", "Unbreakable", "The Village", "Signs", etc...great theme park material... Even his name fits perfectly: SHYAMALAND!

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