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Poll: Call This Guy's Agent

Character actors who could be depended upon to play the character in a film that was a tad bit off-center, or was playing with a deck that was a card short or had a joker in it.

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If you were a casting director, whose agent would you call first.

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    Will Geer

    While best know as the grandfather in The Waltons television series, his movie roles ranged from playing Wyatt Earp to an Indian Chief to a convict to a lawyer....none of which resembled anything smacking of type-casting.
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    Harry Dean Stanton

    Possibly the King of Quirkey Characters, most of which had quirks within quirks, and most of which were shuffled off to Buffalo about half-way through the film.
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    Clifton James

    Blustery and his opinions wre usually out-of-sync with what was going on, but plugged right on in a damn-the-torpedos appointed course.
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    Peter Lorre

    Okay, name another Hungarian actor who could get away with playing an Asian detective.
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    Strother Martin

    He never had a communications problem, albeit those around him didn't always gets his message.
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    Elisha Cook Jr.

    His alligator-mouth usually overloaded his hummingbird-butt but he was the master of the brazen-bluff...even after his pair-of-treys hand had had been called.
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    Henry Brandon

    His quiet under-playing of such diverse characters, ranging from Nazi-inspired rulers of African jungles to Fu Manchu to a Kiowa war chief just added to their menace.
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    John Qualen

    No matter how small the role and accent-present, he had the ability to bring a (usually unwritten ) depth to his characters.
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    Malcolm Atterbury

    A late-comer to films, he could play killers, sheriffs, gangsters, priests, politicians and doctors, sans chewing the scenery or bumping into the furniture, in a presence-noted manner.
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    Lionel Atwill

    No surprises regarding the intent and purpose of his characters , but using a wooden arm as a pegboard for darts puts him on this list.
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    Joseph Wiseman

    KIng of the Unhenged. Period.
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    Donald Pleasence

    King of the Disconnected. Period.
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    Royal Dano

    If Jeff Corey is not available , call Royal Dano's agent.
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    Jack Elam

    Need a dog-kicking henchman? Get Elam. Need a klutzy sidekick in an A-feature western. Get Elam.
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    John Carradine

    Could swing from the highest mountain (Grapes of Wrath) to the bottom of Gower Gulch (Billy the Kid vs. Dracula).
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    George Macready

    Get Macready. Make sure he brings his all-purpose cane.
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    Nehemiah Persoff

    An Italian gangster, a Jewish father and the voice of a papa mouse? Get this guy.
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    George E. Stone

    Stoolies, weazels, gabby cabbies or a cross-dressing sidekick, Stone left nothing unturned. Plus he was real short and short-leading men didn't have to stand on a box to look him in the eye.
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    M. Emmet Walsh

    Very few actors could play a guy who hates oil-can displays at a service station.
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    Dub Taylor

    Not hard to find an actor who can play a redneck, but hard to find a redneck-actor who can play a redneck who hates tattoos. "Cannonball" Taylor could.
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    Norman Fell

    A BA degree in drama from Temple University and then studying drama with Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg didn't hurt him any.
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    John Marley

    Get me that guy who played a dead man and didn't crack up while Lee Marvin sang Happy Birthday to him.
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    Henry Jones

    Owner of one of the two saddest faces in films...the other one belonged to Droopy the Dog.
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    Dwight Frye

    King of the Geeks.
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    L.Q. Jones

    The names you never remember with faces you never forget list was created for Beamont's Justin McQueen.
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    Dabney Coleman

    Coleman's characters did not recognize nor practice political correctness.
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    Jeffrey Jones

    Unlike Ferris, the Principal from Hell never took a day off.
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    Charles Durning

    A supporting-cast member who was capable of carrying the film on his own.
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    Wilford Brimley

    Brimley and another former-stuntman friend Richard Farnsworth, made a bit they had been doing for years---hummimg Name That Tune---and made it one of the many highlight scenes in "The Natural."
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    Martin Balsam

    Won best-supporting actor Oscar for "A Thousand Clowns (1965)".
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    Barry Corbin

    Still working now after 40-plus years as one of the best good-ol'-boys even when his good ol'boy shows up with an agenda that may not be good.
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    Jeff Corey

    King of the Whining Losers.
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    Wallace Shawn

    Do not, under any circumstances, try to outwit him. He can read your mind.
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    John Fiedler

    Want diversity...try Juror No. 2, Lawyer Dagget and Piglet.
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    Harry Morgan

    Don't play movie trivia with Colonel Potter.

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