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Poll: Favorite 'Tom and Jerry' Quote

People often think of Tom and Jerry as a non-speaking cartoon with actually more screaming than talking (and boy, Tom sure knew how to deliver a scream)... but as fans of the iconic duo, we all remember the not-so rare instances where not only they talked but the lines they delivered -and the voice acting that went with them- were so priceless they became highlights of the cartoon, if not the whole series.

Which of these lines from "Tom and Jerry" is your favorite?

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    The Million Dollar Cat (1944)

    TOM: "Gee, I'm throwing away a million dollars... BUT I'M HAPPY!" The Million Dollar Cat
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    Solid Serenade (1946)

    TOM: "Now you set my soul on fire. Eet ees not just a leetle spaahrk, eet ees a flame, a beeg, ROARING flame! I can feel it now..." Solid Serenade
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    The Zoot Cat (1944)

    TOM: "....a beeg, ROARING flame!I can feel it burning...burning...Burning...! Say, something IS burning around here!" The Zoot Cat
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    Old Rockin' Chair Tom (1948)

    MAMMY-TWO-SHOES: "Thomas, if you're a mouse catcher, then I'm Lana Turner, which I'm not!" Old Rockin' Chair Tom
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    Mouse Trouble (1944)

    TOM: "Dooon't youuuuu belieeeeeeve it!" Mouse Trouble
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    The Two Mouseketeers (1952)

    NIMBLES: "Poor, poor pussy cat! C'est la guerre!" The Two Mouseketeers
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    Quiet Please! (1945)

    TOM: "One custard pie? Let me have it!" SPLUT!" Quiet Please!
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    Joseph Barbera and William Hanna in Cruise Cat (1952)

    TOM: "HELP! GOOOD! LEMME OU-" (BOOM)" Cruise Cat
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    The Bodyguard (1944)

    TOM: (Extended evil laugh) "IN ME POWER!" The Bodyguard
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    Smarty Cat (1955)

    BUTCH: "Bow-wow, bow-wow, bow... bow-wow" etc. Smarty Cat
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    The Bodyguard (1944)

    SPIKE: "Listen, PUSSYCAT! If anything happens to me PAL, I'll POKE ya in the PUSS! I'll PULVERIZE ya! I'll POUND ya to PIECES! That's what I'll do! POUND ya to PIECES! Like this!" The Bodyguard
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    The Zoot Cat (1944)

    TOM'S GIRLFRIEND: "And here's your rat, cat!" The Zoot Cat
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    Mouse Trouble (1944)

    MOUSE-TOY: "Come and see me sometime" Mouse Trouble
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    Touché, Pussy Cat! (1954)

    NIMBLES: "Touché, Pussy Cat!" Touché, Pussy Cat!
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    The Mouse Comes to Dinner (1945)

    TOM: "Hey, what's cookin'?" GIRLFRIEND: "You are, stupid!" The Mouse Comes to Dinner
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    The Lonesome Mouse (1943)

    JERRY: "Why that dirty double-crossin', good-for-nothin', two-timin'..." The Lonesome Mouse

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