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Poll: How much did IMDb change your life?

Since you're an IMDb user, the website has certainly influenced your leisure time and improved your knowledge of movies and TV programs, it certainly made you more curious about films and more eager to discuss them, but this poll goes deeper than that, in a more... life-changing way?

The options will give you an idea, but asked differently, the question would be: how different would have been your life (social, personal and/or professional) if IMDb simply didn't exist?

Vote for the most life-changing aspect and discuss here

Results of 1,265 votes:

  1. 1.

    Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel in Life Itself (2014)

    I guess, it just made me an expert or fan of movies (and/or TV programs), who enjoyed talking about them!
  2. 2.

    "Taxi Driver" Robert De Niro

    It cost me my youth (or my social life)!
  3. 3.

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