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Maybe it's because they mostly starred in comedies, or usually played the 'good guys', maybe it's the way they looked, talked or acted in their films or in reality, that exuded kindness, fun and human decency, or maybe there is a little something that simply makes impossible to dislike them. So, which of these distinguished actors, is or was (but still is) the most likable?

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    Jack Lemmon

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    Tom Hanks

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    James Stewart

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    Morgan Freeman

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    Michael J. Fox

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    Jeff Bridges

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    Will Smith

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    Jackie Chan

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    Paul Newman

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    Gary Cooper

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    John Candy

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    Sidney Poitier

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    Henry Fonda

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    Spencer Tracy

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    Steve Carell

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    Jim Carrey

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    Bill Murray

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    Dustin Hoffman

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    John Goodman

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    Leslie Nielsen

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