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Poll: Best "Best Actor" 1990-1999

Which one of the Best Actor winners from the years 1990-1999 is your favorite? Discuss Here

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    Jeremy Irons

    Won in 1990 for Reversal of Fortune
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    Anthony Hopkins

    Won in 1991 for The Silence of the Lambs
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    Al Pacino

    Won in 1992 for Scent of a Woman
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    Tom Hanks

    Won in 1993 for Philadelphia and won in 1994 for Forrest Gump
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    Nicolas Cage

    Won in 1995 for Leaving Las Vegas
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    Geoffrey Rush

    Won in 1996 for Shine
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    Jack Nicholson

    Won in 1997 for As Good as it Gets
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    Roberto Benigni

    Won in 1998 for Life is Beautiful
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    Kevin Spacey

    Won in 1999 for American Beauty

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