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Poll: Elizabeth Pena, RIP.

While you may or may not have known her name, you will recognize Elizabeth Peña's face from her five decade-long acting career. Peña sadly passed away on October 14, 2014. Which of her projects is most memorable to you?

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    Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)

    as Carmen
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    Tough Cookies (1986)

    as Off. Connie Rivera
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    La Bamba (1987)

    as Rosie Morales
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    *batteries not included (1987)

    as Marisa Esteval
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    I Married Dora (1987)

    as Dora Calderon
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    Blue Steel (1990)

    as Tracy Perez
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    Shannon's Deal (1990)

    as Lucy Acosta
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    Jacob's Ladder (1990)

    as Jezzie
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    The Waterdance (1992)

    as Rosa
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    Lone Star (1996)

    as Pilar
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    Strangeland (1998)

    as Toni Gage
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    Rush Hour (1998)

    as Johnson
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    Things Behind the Sun (2001)

    as Carmen
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    Tortilla Soup (2001)

    as Leticia Naranjo
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    Resurrection Blvd. (2000)

    as Bibi Corrales
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    The Incredibles (2004)

    as Mirage
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    How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer (2005)

    as Lolita
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    Transamerica (2005)

    as Margaret
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    Goal II: Living the Dream (2007)

    as Rosa Maria
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    Nothing Like the Holidays (2008)

    as Anna Rodriguez
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    The Perfect Family (2011)

    as Christina Reyes
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    Matador (2014)

    as Maritza Sandoval

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