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Poll: 30 Actors over 50 that can Steal Women from Men Under 30.

Let's face it fellas, there are just some seasoned actors out there that could steal our girlfriends without trying...which one would steal the most?

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    Johnny Depp

    Chicks dig pirates.
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    George Clooney

    Lady killer...vampire killer. The whole package.
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    Pierce Brosnan

    Ladies dig the Bond.
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    Kevin Bacon

    Even vegetarian women love this bacon...
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    Bruce Willis

    Demi need I say Moore?
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    Richard Gere

    Still inspires ladies of the night...
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    Sean Penn

    I know a few ladies that would like to be his penn-pal.
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    Viggo Mortensen

    Ladies be like "what a waste of a ring!"
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    David Duchovny

    He is on a show called Californication...need I say more?
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    Dennis Quaid

    Always has Randy to make him seem more attractive.
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    Daniel Day-Lewis

    They call him D. Day because ladies want to storm his beach.
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    Chris Noth

    Chris NOTHing can stop the ladies.
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    Kevin Costner

    If you're Kevin Costner chicks will come.
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    Denzel Washington

    Ladies are lining up to hear the story of the hurricane.
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    Kurt Russell

    Snake Plissken gets what Snake Plissken wants...
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    Christopher Meloni

    He humped a fridge in 'Wet Hot American Summer.' Women are jealous of that fridge...
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    Liam Neeson

    Your girlfriend will literally be TAKEN.
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    Tim Robbins

    Tall and rich.
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    Antonio Banderas

    What woman can resist an accent?
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    Robert Redford

    At 74 he would still have no trouble putting the moves on women half his age.
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    Henry Rollins

    One of the few men on the list that could literally steal your girlfriend by force.
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    Mark Harmon

    NCIS...should be NC-17.
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    Clint Eastwood

    Older than dirt and the women stick to him like mud.
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    Michael Keaton

    Once a batman always a batman.
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    Jeff Goldblum

    He only runs from mobs of women and dinosaurs.
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    Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt is synonymous with hot guy at this point.
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    John Stamos

    What girl didn't grow up wanting to marry Uncle Jesse?
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    Ken Watanabe

    Watanabe? More like Wantabe his girlfriend.
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    Christoph Waltz

    Ladies, take this Waltz?
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    Gary Oldman

    Oldman...gets Youngwomen.

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