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Poll: The Best Multiple Franchise actor/actress in history

These celebrities have acted/notable role in more than one successful movie franchise.

Qualification: Two "recognisable" franchises minimum and 2 movies each from those franchise (even those in post-production/filming)

The likes of Ryan Reynolds/Halle Berry are exempted due to them being in only one film in a franchise.

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    Sylvester Stallone

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    Hugo Weaving

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    Ian McKellen

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    Patrick Stewart

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    Harrison Ford

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    Samuel L. Jackson

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    Jennifer Lawrence

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    Bruce Willis

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    Dwayne Johnson

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    Vin Diesel

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    Chris Evans

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    Orlando Bloom

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    Bill Nighy

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    Michael Sheen

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    Sigourney Weaver

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    Will Smith

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    Nicolas Cage

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    Jason Statham

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    Mel Gibson

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    Danny Trejo

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    Matt Damon

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    Ralph Fiennes

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    Liam Neeson

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    Morgan Freeman

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    Michael Caine

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    Gary Oldman

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    Sean Connery

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    Christopher Lee

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    Tom Hanks

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    Emma Thompson

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    Sandra Bullock

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    Mike Myers

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    Antonio Banderas

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    Cate Blanchett

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