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Poll: Wonderfully Welsh

After the filming of Under Milk Wood in Wales, which involved many of the locals, the great Welsh actor Richard Burton said to director Andrew Sinclair: "All of the Welsh are great actors. Only the bad ones become professionals."

These are some of great actors from Wales who did become professionals. Which of them is your favourite?

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    Ioan Gruffudd

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    Catherine Zeta-Jones

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    Rhys Ifans

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    Richard Burton

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    Timothy Dalton

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    Anthony Hopkins

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    Siân Phillips

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    Hugh Griffith

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    Desmond Llewelyn

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    Glynis Johns

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    Ray Milland

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    Rachel Roberts

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    Luke Evans

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    Erin Richards

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    Craig Roberts

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    John Rhys-Davies

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    Michael Sheen

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    Owain Yeoman

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    Jonathan Pryce

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    Terry Jones

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    Shirley Bassey

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    Tom Jones

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    Victor Spinetti

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    Rhys Williams

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    Keith Allen

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    Stanley Baker

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    Robert Pugh

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    Iwan Rheon

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    Tom Cullen

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    Ian Whyte

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    Steve Speirs

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    Roger Rees

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    Aneurin Barnard

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    Donald Houston

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    Mark Lewis Jones

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