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Poll: IMDb Poll Board's TV Series That Ended Too Early

We all have TV series that didn't last as long as we would have hoped for. Which TV series selected by members of the IMDb Poll Board do you feel ended too soon and should have gone on a little longer?

Limited to series that lasted one to two seasons.

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    Agent Carter (2015)

    TheMovieSmith's choice.
  2. Vote!

    Fawlty Towers (1975)

    Graham's choice.
  3. Vote!

    Terriers (2010)

    Jen's choice.
  4. Vote!

    Ascension (2014)

    Leavey-2's choice.
  5. Vote!

    Freaks and Geeks (1999)

    B_sides_B's choice. Suggested by Jen and urbanemovies.
  6. Vote!

    Marblehead Manor (1987)

    Dan Dassow's choice.
  7. Vote!

    Life (2007)

    rubyfruit76's choice.
  8. Vote!

    Dollhouse (2009)

    NDportmanfan1's choice.
  9. Vote!

    Pushing Daisies (2007)

    Jen's second choice.
  10. Vote!

    Better Off Ted (2009)

    TheMovieSmith's second choice.
  11. Vote!

    Crusade (1999)

    Dan Dassow's second choice.
  12. Vote!

    Firefly (2002)

    B_sides_B's second choice.
  13. Vote!

    I'll Fly Away (1991)

    rubyfruit76's second choice
  14. Vote!

    Eerie, Indiana (1991)

    Suggested by Jen and Urbanemovies.
  15. Vote!

    Rome (2005)

    urbanemovie's choice.

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