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Poll: Col Needham's 10 Favorite Films

According to The Wrap, it’s no big secret that Col Needham, founder and CEO of IMDb, is a voracious film fan. But did you know he has now seen 10,000 films in his lifetime? The internet pioneer crammed in some 480 screenings in the last 10 months to meet the 10k goal ahead of his 50th birthday on Jan. 26. He finished just in time for IMDb’s 26th anniversary on Monday (Oct. 17).

Which of his favorites do you like the most?

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    Vertigo (1958)

    "I fell in love with Kim Novak's character and the 'Oh no, that's not what happened at all' aspect of the movie."
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    Inception (2010)

    "I love a twist ending or a twist middle. I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan."
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    North by Northwest (1959)

    "The suave sophistication of Cary Grant's character is unmatched. It also serves as a proxy for great Alfred Hitchcock films: 'Spellbound (1945),' 'Notorious (1946)' and 'Rebecca (1940).'"
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    Double Indemnity (1944)

    "It’s a Billy Wilder film where he does superb film noir."
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    Bringing Up Baby (1938)

    "In my opinion, this is the funniest movie ever made. It stars my all-time favorite actor, Cary Grant, and my all-time favorite actress, Katharine Hepburn (after whom I named one of my daughters)."
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    Aliens (1986)

    "This is actually the film I've seen more than any other film — more than 60 times, including twice in French… 'Aliens' has relentless thrills and action. Once everything starts to go wrong on that planet it's non-stop."
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    Se7en (1995)

    "That was one of my most tense viewing experiences. The conflict at the end is the best part: Should he dispense justice or not?"
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    Pulp Fiction (1994)

    "It redefined cinema in the 90s… The non-linear timeline is great, as are the opening and closing scenes from two different perspectives."
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    Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

    "Hitchcock, Wilder, Stanley Kubrick is the order of directors I love… I was haunted by that film for weeks… People don’t realize it's a Christmas movie. There's a Christmas tree in virtually every scene. It's one of two movies I re-watch every Christmas Eve — that and 'It's a Wonderful Life (1946).'"
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    Touch of Evil (1958)

    "This is the last great film noir and I remember being blown away by the famous single take opening shot. It also has one of my favorite endings of all time."

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