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Poll: First Meetings

No one ever forgets the day they met their husband or wife, the place or the circumstance. The following scenes from live action movies and TV shows are the first meetings of a married couple. Which of these memorable first meetings is your favorite?

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    Lisa Kudrow and Paul Rudd in Friends (1994)

    Phoebe and Mike:

    On a blind date, thanks to Joey forgetting to set Phoebe up and finding Mike at the last minute.

    episode 9.3: The One with the Pediatrician (2002)

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    Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory (2007)

    Sheldon and Amy:

    Raj and Howard had registered Sheldon on an online dating site, and he went to meet his perfect match in a coffee shop.

    episode 3.23: The Lunar Excitation (2010)

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    Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise (1995)

    Jesse and Céline:

    An arguing couple on the train made Céline change seats to where Jesse was sitting.

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    John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity (2001)

    Sara and Jonathan:

    At Bloomingdale's, where they both wanted to buy the same pair of gloves for their respective partners.

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    Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill (1999)

    William and Anna:

    When Anna walked into William's book store in Notting Hill.

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    Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan in Outlander (2014)

    Claire and Jamie:

    After being transported to 1743, Claire meets Jamie and has to mend his dislocated shoulder.

    episode 1.1: Sassenach (2014)

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    David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves in Frasier (1993)

    Niles and Daphne:

    At Frasier's apartment, when Niles was introduced to their father's new physical therapist.

    episode 1.3: Dinner at Eight (1993)

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    Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch in The Big Bang Theory (2007)

    Howard and Bernadette:

    On a blind date, thanks to Howard's pact with Leonard and to Penny for setting them up.

    episode 3.5: The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary (2009)

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    Chris Colfer in Glee (2009)

    Kurt and Blaine:

    Walking down the stairway, Kurt stopped to ask a question to the first guy that passed by, who happened to be Blaine.

    episode 2.6: Never Been Kissed (2010)

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    Ewan McGregor in Big Fish (2003)

    Ed and Sandra:

    After seeing Sandra at the carnival, Ed seeks her out to tell her they are destined for each other.

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    Saoirse Ronan and Emory Cohen in Brooklyn (2015)

    Eilis and Tony:

    Tony saw Eilis from across the room and asked her to dance with him.

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    Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson in About Time (2013)

    Tim and Mary:

    On a blind date in a pitch-black restaurant and then seeing each other for the first time outside.

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    Steve Carell and Amy Ryan in The Office (2005)

    Michael and Holly:

    When Toby introduced Holly to Michael at the office.

    episode 4.14: Goodbye, Toby (2008)

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    Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas in Once Upon a Time (2011)

    Snow and David:

    When David found Snow caught in the trap he had set to catch a robber.

    episode 1.3: Snow Falls (2011)

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    James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz in One Tree Hill (2003)

    Nathan and Haley:

    Nathan had requested Haley as his math tutor, and went to introduce himself to her.

    episode 1.3: Are You True? (2003)

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    Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night (1934)

    Peter and Ellie:

    On a bus where Peter found Ellie sitting in his seat.

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    Joanna Kulig in Cold War (2018)

    Zula and Wiktor:

    When Zula auditioned for the folk ensemble and Wiktor asked to hear a solo.

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    Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in Singin' in the Rain (1952)

    Don and Kathy:

    When Don jumped into Kathy's car to escape his fans.

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    Christopher Lloyd and Mary Steenburgen in Back to the Future Part III (1990)

    Emmett and Clara:

    Doc rescued Clara from falling off the cliff after her horse had been spooked.

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    Lucy Hale and Ian Harding in Pretty Little Liars (2010)

    Aria and Ezra:

    In a bar where they found an instant connection.

    episode 1.1: Pilot (2010)

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    Noah Reid and Dan Levy in Schitt's Creek (2015)

    Patrick and David:

    When David went to apply for a business license and Patrick helped him fill out the forms.

    episode 3.8: Motel Review (2017)

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    Melissa Fumero in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)

    Jake and Amy:

    In a flashback to Amy's first day when she introduced herself to Jake.

    episode 5.4: HalloVeen (2017)

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    Sonya Walger in Lost (2004)

    Desmond and Penny:

    At a monastery in Scotland when Penny asked Desmond to help her deliver wine.

    episode 3.17: Catch-22 (2007)

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    Taraji P. Henson and Mahershala Ali in Hidden Figures (2016)

    Katherine and Jim:

    At a barbecue when Mary introduced Jim to Katherine.

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    Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook (2004)

    Noah and Allie:

    Noah was determined to ask Allie out on a date and caught an improvised ride on the ferris wheel.

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    Claire Danes and Charlie Cox in Stardust (2007)

    Tristan and Yvaine:

    When Tristan went to retrieve a fallen star and discovered that it was actually a woman named Yvaine.

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    Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck (1987)

    Loretta and Ronny:

    Loretta went to seek out the brother of her fiancé, and Ronny explained to her why he didn't want to come to the wedding.

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