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Poll: The Faces of Betrayal (Spoiler-Free)

(well, except for the fact that you know these movies contain betrayals at some point)

BETRAYAL is an ugly thing: friends or allies put their trust in you and it doesn't just participate in an evil scheme; their trust is the most integral and vital part of the plan with the traitor's ensuing guilt (when there is any) as a collateral damage.

Interestingly, while being destroyers of human relationships, traitors are great plot drivers: it's not surprising that Shakespeare wrote a few pages about them. But this poll isn't about movie traitors but about the betrayed ones and the moments they knew.

Indeed, realizing you've been betrayed is quite a painful experience as if you were going through all stages of grief (minus the bargaining) at once, contributing to some heart-breaking moments in cinematic memory... and some visually interesting emotional cocktails of shock, sadness, disbelief, repressed anger... and other ingredients.

The following pictures -as Bart Simpson would put it- pinpoint the exact moment where these characters' hearts rip in half, when they discover the betrayal; which one would you describe as the most expressive face of betrayal, which one could be the ultimate meme conveying the total devastation of being betrayed?

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    James Mason and Louis Calhern in Julius Caesar (1953)

    "Et tu, Brute?" (certainly the trope codifier)
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    Mel Gibson in Braveheart (1995)

    "Et tu, Bruce?"
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    Al Pacino in The Godfather: Part II (1974)

    He knew it was him...
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    James Earl Jones in The Lion King (1994)

    "Long live the King."
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    Patrick Swayze in Ghost (1990)

    Sam's second post-mortem shock
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    Harvey Keitel and Willem Dafoe in The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

    Harvey Keitel betrays...
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    Harvey Keitel in Reservoir Dogs (1992)

    ... and Harvey Keitel is betrayed
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    Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

    "It is beyond my control."
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall (1990)

    "What happened to the fifth one?"
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    Robert De Niro in Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

    Noodles meets Senator Bailey.
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    Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out (2017)

    "You know I can't give you the keys."
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    Al Pacino in The Godfather: Part II (1974)

    "It wasn't a miscarriage..." (Is Michael Corleone the only cinematic character to have been betrayed twice in the same movie?)
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    Alec Guinness in The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

    "What have I done?" (or perhaps the only instance where the traitor has betrayed himself as well)

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