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Poll: IMDb Poll Board Biggest Original Screenplay Oscar Snub

The members of the IMDb Poll Board have chosen their biggest Original Screenplay snub (movies that should have been nominated for Original Screenplay, yet they weren't). Which of these choices do you consider the biggest snub?

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    The Game (1997)

    Paok-Kilkis's Pick
  2. Vote!

    Dogville (2003)

    Stephen Atwood's Pick
  3. Vote!

    Dark City (1998)

    Arkas16's Pick
  4. Vote!

    Reservoir Dogs (1992)

    BONAFIDE BOSS ️'s Pick
  5. Vote!

    Se7en (1995)

    Eagles90's Pick
  6. Vote!

    The Interview (1998)

    cinephile's Pick
  7. Vote!

    Last Action Hero (1993)

    MST3K (and Narnia) is Awesome's Pick
  8. Vote!

    Mother! (2017)

    Breumaster's Pick
  9. Vote!

    Groundhog Day (1993)

    albstein's Pick
  10. Vote!

    Blood Simple (1984)

    ElMaruecan82's Pick
  11. Vote!

    The Florida Project (2017)

    rubyfruit76's Pick
  12. Vote!

    Frances Ha (2012)

    Pencho15's Pick

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