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Poll: Most Courageous Whistleblower Movie Character?

Which of these real-life or fictional movie character portrayals demonstrates the most courage in their whistleblowing?

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Results of 434 votes:

  1. 1.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Snowden (2016)

    Real-life whistleblower: Edward Snowden Case: U.S. National Security Agency's use of illegal mass surveillance programs *also Edward Snowden as himself in Citizenfour (2014)
  2. 2.

    James Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

    Fictional whistleblower: Jefferson Smith Case: U.S. Congress and Jackson City's Jim Taylor Willet Creek Dam Project (graft/political corruption)
  3. 3.

    Al Pacino in Serpico (1973)

    Real-life whistleblower: Frank Serpico Case: N.Y.C. Police Department police corruption

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