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Poll: Oscars 2019 Postmortem — 'Roma' vs. 'Green Book'

Did Green Book (2018), Oscar-nominated in five categories score an upset Best Picture victory over Roma (2018), Oscar-nominated in ten categories at the 91st Academy Awards ceremony? It has been suggested that a minority bloc of voters who take issue with streaming films being considered for Oscars engineered the upset. The Oscars preferential voting system likely was an unwitting accomplice, by reassigning votes from other Best Picture nominees until a clear majority winner emerges. As such, sentiment against a film can factor, as much as, having the most top-ranked votes on the initial ballot. An unbiased head-to-head voting competition would settle the issue once and for all.

If the 2019 Oscar Best Picture race were rerun, this time as a pure head-to-head competition, which of these two nominees would get your vote for Best Picture?

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    Green Book (2018)

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