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Poll: Favorite Guest Star on 'Friends'

During the ten years of Friends (1994) there have been many, many guest stars with memorable performances. I have left out a few, and did not include some of the more regular guest stars. Which one of these guest appearances on Friends (1994) do you like the most?

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    Bruce Willis

    As Ross' somewhat younger girlfriend Elizabeth's father Paul. He also dates Rachel.
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    Susan Sarandon

    As the actress Cecilia who plays Jessica Lockhart on Days Of Our Lives. She gets fired from the show and Joey, as Dr Drake Ramoray, then inherits her brain after his "brain transplant".
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    Gary Oldman

    Played Joey's co-star Richard Crosby in a World War I play. He gets a little too drunk on set, causing Joey to almost miss Chandler and Monica's wedding.
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    Adam Goldberg

    As Chandler's hilariously crazy roommate Eddie who moves in after Joey moves out in season 2.
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    Christina Applegate

    As Rachel's somewhat shallow sister Amy.
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    Reese Witherspoon

    As Rachel's other, slightly more slutty, sister Jill.
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    Robin Williams

    Plays Tomas in one scene in Central Perk together with Billy Crystal. These two guest appearences were actually not scheduled, the two actors just happened to be nearby when filming the episode. (season 3, episode 24, The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion)
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    Billy Crystal

    As Tim, the other guy in Central Perk talking to Robin Williams' character.
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    Winona Ryder

    As Rachel's old college friend Melissa. They apparently drank a little too much sangria in college which resulted in kissing.
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    Hank Azaria

    As Pheobe's scientist boyfriend David who in vain goes to Minsk for several years.
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    Brad Pitt

    As Monica's and Ross' old high school friend Will. He and Ross founded the "I hate Rachel Green"- club together.
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    Michael Rapaport

    As Phoebe's cop boyfriend Gary who unfortunately shot a bird which led to their break-up.
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    Tate Donovan

    As Joshua, who Rachel has a crush on. They later become a couple, despite Rachel's desperate attempt to impress him in her cheerleader outfit. They eventually break up due to Rachel's sudden wedding craze.
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    Anna Faris

    As the not too bright Erica, who gives birth to Chandler and Monica's twins.
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    Sean Penn

    As Ursula's fiancée Eric. He later falls for Phoebe but the identical twin situation becomes too much so they break up.
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    Lauren Tom

    As Ross' girlfriend Julie, whom he met when on a dig in China, to Rachel's big frustration.
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    Kathleen Turner

    As Chandler's transvestite father Charles Bing aka Helena Handbasket. He has a burlesque show in Vegas called Viva Las Gay-gas.
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    Jon Favreau

    As Monica's billionaire boyfriend Pete, who makes a really bad attempt of becoming the ultimate fighting champion.
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    Aisha Tyler

    As the paleontologist Charlie, who first dates Joey before she falls for Ross in Barbados.
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    Greg Kinnear

    As Charlie's old boyfriend Dr Benjamin Hobart who desperately wants her back and succeeds, playing a really nasty game with Ross.
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    Eddie Cahill

    As Rachel's assistant Tag Jones. They also dated a while.
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    Freddie Prinze Jr.

    As Ross and Rachel's baby sitter Sandy who with his feminine touch really bothers Ross.
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    Julia Roberts

    As Chandler's fourth grade pal Susie Moss. The two meet on a movie set, when the friends go to visit Ross' monkey Marcel. Apparently Chandler pulled up her skirt in the fourth grade giving her the nickname Susie Underpants. She makes him pay for this.
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    Ben Stiller

    As Rachel's date Tommy who has a tendency to start screaming at everything that makes him upset.
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    Dermot Mulroney

    As Rachel's co-worker Gavin Mitchell. They also dated briefly.
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    Brooke Shields

    As Erika Ford, the number one fan of Dr Drake Ramoray, who gets a little too obsessed with Joey.
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    Helen Baxendale

    As Ross' English love Emily. The two abruptly get married but Ross messed up this marriage too by saying "Rachel" at the altar.

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