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Poll: Face-Off: Riddlers of "Batman" that Never Were

Poor old villain Riddler of "Batman" fame. The Joker seems to get the spotlight every time! He has been dropped more times from movie adaptations of Batman than a wet bar of soap in the shower! Holy Cow Batman! So this poll asks an obvious question.

Who do you think would have been the best Riddler that was up for the role that never was?

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    Robin Williams

    Was in talks to be in Tim Burton's second sequel to Batman. He reportedly declined, a decision he later regretted.
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    Johnny Depp

    First choice by Christopher Nolan to play the Riddler in 'The Dark Knight Rises', the original main antagonist. That idea was dropped. Making it a role that never was.
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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Second choice by director Christopher Nolan to play the Riddler in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
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    Micky Dolenz

    While Tim Burton was still slated to direct the film, 'Batman Forever' Micky Dolenz was considered to play The Riddler. After Burton dropped out, Robin Williams was offered the role by Warner Brothers, but refused due to being bitter about being used as "bait" to lure Jack Nicholson to commit to play the Joker in Batman (1989).
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    Michael Jackson

    Was attached at one point to play the Riddler in 'Batman Forever' but he was ignored in favor of Robin Williams, who would eventually turn down the role.

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