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Poll: Celebrating 10th Lux Film Prize Anniversary

Since 2007, the Lux Film Prize casts an annual spotlight on films that go to the heart of debate and reflection on Europe and its future.

The Lux Film Prize is organised by the European Parliament and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over this period of time it has become a quality label backing European film productions.

Which of the past 10 winners of the Lux Film Prize is your favorite, or if you haven't seen any, which one would you like to see most?

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    The Edge of Heaven (2007)

    Winner 2007
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    Lorna's Silence (2008)

    Winner 2008
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    Welcome (2009)

    Winner 2009
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    When We Leave (2010)

    Winner 2010
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    The Snows of Kilimanjaro (2011)

    Winner 2011
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    Li and the Poet (2011)

    Winner 2012
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    The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012)

    Winner 2013
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    Ida (2013)

    Winner 2014
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    Mustang (2015)

    Winner 2015
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    Toni Erdmann (2016)

    Winner 2016

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